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More than television.

What is television for you?
Is it a news provider, an entertainment or educational resource? It's something different for everyone, but it's undeniable that television is an indispensable part of our lives. 

The biggest disadvantage of television?
We have to adjust to it. Drop household chores and rush to the TV screen to watch your favorite show, news, soccer, etc.? 

Do you want not you, but television to adjust to you?
You have guests coming, you need to meet them - channels for every taste, on various topics!
Missed your favorite movie - watch any movie on video portals Online Cinema, Megogo.net, Youtube!
You do not want your children to have access to certain channels (erotica, horror movies, etc.) use the parental control function!

IPTV. Now you are in control of your television.

Interactive TV is a new format of television that meets your needs, adjusts to your daily schedule, allows you to watch what you want and when it is convenient. Interaction with the viewer takes place through convenient services.

Brief description of IPTV features

Selection of TV channels by genre 

You can easily navigate through the selection of TV channels by different genres: "Information", "Entertainment", "Sports", "Children's", "Cognitive", 
"Music and Movies.

Electronic program guide

Orient yourself in the stream of various information and programs, choose only the best with the help of electronic program program, which is always "at hand" on the TV screen. You no longer need to buy a program every week. IPTV has taken care of it.


We are impatiently waiting for the next episode of our favorite series or show, a movie that has been advertised all week or a soccer match. It's here - stop watching!

Favorite channel list

Make your own package of channels - "Favorites", and you will no longer have to look through long lists in search of the desired channel. 

Parental control

You want to keep your children away from cruelty and violence, it's a normal desire of every parent. If you don't want your children to have access to certain channels (horror movies, erotica, etc.), use Parental Control!
This service allows you to password-block TV shows and movies to restrict children's access to certain media content.

Additional features

All the information you need is always on your screen.
Constantly updated weather forecasts, exchange rates and your personal horoscope - watch at your convenience! 

Listen to more than 24 radio stations!

Go to the "Games" section, where you can distract yourself and spend a few minutes with exciting arcades.

Moreover, you can access:

  • Online Cinema - a movie portal where you can watch any movie by your favorite genre;
  • Megogo.net - direct access to the largest video portal, which collects the entire range of world cinema and TV programs;
  • Youtube - the world's most popular video portal and much more...

Overview of the last 24 hours of broadcasting

Don't miss your favorite show when you're late from work, on vacation or visiting - you can watch the programs that aired in the last 24 hours at your convenience.

Scheduling Services

Video on Demand

You want to see a movie premiere so badly, but you don't have the time or desire to go to the movies. IPTV is the new home theater solution. Video on demand service allows you to watch your favorite blockbusters and other content along with new movies, cartoons of world cinema.

And that's only part of the benefits. The best rating channels, including such world leaders as TNT, Digital TV family of Channel One and Discovery Networks, Nickelodeon, affordable tariff plans, interesting packages, additional convenient features!

Today IPTV is very popular among millions of viewers who recognize the service as one of the most convenient services.

Kyrgyztelecom is glad to become your IP TV operator! The undeniable advantage is to receive three basic communication services in a package: telephony, Internet and interactive television.

Make a gift to your relatives and friends, connect to interactive television, the convenience of which will be appreciated by your households!



User's Guide

User's Guide

Channels list


Connection scheme

To watch IPTV you need special equipment, which can be purchased from the operator:

1. set-top box (Set-Top-Box - STB)

2. STB remote control