“Кыргызтелеком” просит согласовывать работы для избежания обрывов ВОЛС

"Kyrgyztelecom" asks to coordinate works to avoid FOCL breakages

10:21 16.04.2024

       In order to ensure safety of operating communication lines and facilities, damage to which is associated with damage to the interests of citizens, production activity of economic entities, defense capability and security of the state, Kyrgyztelecom OJSC strongly recommends local self-government authorities, legal entities and individuals to be extremely careful when carrying out excavation, cleaning, agricultural and other works near operating communication lines and contact representatives of the company for coordination.

      Also, we ask to observe the protection zone of communication lines and facilities and exclude cases of burning garbage and dry wood, production of all kinds of works without the presence and consent of a representative of Kyrgyztelecom OJSC.

     OJSC "Kyrgyztelecom"  reminds that legal entities and individuals violating operation of communication lines and facilities are brought to responsibility in accordance with the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic.

     OJSC "Kyrgyztelecom"  hopes for your awareness and understanding in ensuring safety of communication facilities and means of communication.

      On questions of coordination contact by numbers:

  • 0312 662828
  • 0888 662828